How to make a well-structured essay outline

Now there are two main aspects to every successful essay. Having a plan or an outline of your essay is vitally important. Get that right and you're well on the way to receiving a high score. The two main aspects of course are the structure and content. With the right structure it is so much easier to create the best content. In fact there are benefits right away. If you have a really strong structure you will force yourself to address the topic and you will create sentences which flow and are logical.
You always begin with your main idea or your thesis statement. This is what your data sets out to prove, to argue about in your essay. Your essay outline is determined by the main topic and the main topic sentence of your essay. Take your time and get this right because everything else will flow from your thesis statement.

Once you've established your thesis statement, you need to create at least three points to argue your case. Your thesis statement will say that such and such is an ideal way to improve your health. Fine; now you must back up that claim. Now you must support that statement. How you do that is with evidence. And you can find that evidence and write about that evidence when your well-structured essay outline lists the points to be made

The clarity of your writing, the way you use evidence to support your case, develops far more easily and certainly more effectively when you've organized your essay outline. Think of it as a blueprint for the building of a house. Your outline, your plan needs to be simple but detailed. Fewer words are always better than too many. But in an instant you can look at your single page or screen shot and see all the points you wish to make to support your thesis statement.

  • The outline must have all the points

    Remember that the whole point of your essay is to convince the reader that the case you're making is sound, is true and believable. And if you write well, and you can with a well-structured essay outline, then your essay writing will receive the score it deserves.

  • Be Clear At Your Point

    Everything gets down to the structure of your essay outline. It's easy to find research material and then to take notes and then write your essay when you know exactly the path you are going to take. That is represented by your well-structured essay outline.

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