Ready-made list with great argument essay topics

If you are searching for some great argument essay topics, consider these ready-made lists below. See if any of these lists inspire you. Remember that they are meant to be a stepping stone from which you brain storm or free write until you find something that really interests you. Remember that your paper can address positive or negative, benefits or downfalls. Pick a side that you want to debate, but make sure you are aware of both sides to the debate before you start writing, so that you can offer the reader a thorough analysis and argument with sufficient details.

There are many topics out there on which to write your paper, in a variety of fields. If you want to focus on children, you can:

  • Write about whether there are any good or bad effects on children that stem from violent video games
  • Write about what effects overseas adoption has on children
  • Write about what lessons children can learn from their grandparents that they may not be able to hear from their parents
  • Write about how you can hire a reliable babysitter for your children
  • Write about the worst nightmare you ever had when you were a child
  • Write about the best dream you ever had as a child

There are also many community relate issues that make for good topics for any style of essay. If you are interested in community issues, you can:

  • Write a paper addressing why fire arms need to be registered with local police or not
  • Write an essay that discusses the effects gangs have on urban centers
  • Write a paper that lists the advantages or the disadvantages associated with legalizing prostitution
  • Write an essay that addresses some of the problems your town faces.
  • Write a paper that lists what things individuals are able to do in order to protect the environment.

If you are interested in a list of topics related to different customs, you can:

  • Write a paper that discusses smoking in a public arena and where it is acceptable and where it is not
  • Write an essay about how to plan the perfect surprise party
  • Write a paper about how marriage as an institution has changed over time
  • Write a paper about why tattoos are popular around the world and what they represent to different cultures
  • Write a paper explaining modern practices for witchcraft

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