Fifteen Extended Essay Topic Ideas In Business And Management

Writing articles and essays are a part of the education system throughout the world. Be it school, college or post graduate studies, you are always required to write such papers. These writings are of various types and each has a different format from the other. Among the different types, exists the Extended Essay type which is a compulsory crucial component of the programme of IB Diploma. This document is like a research paper which comprises of around 4000 words. It gives the students an attractive opportunity to conduct their independent individual research on a topic in the given field of their study.

Guidelines and format to be followed

Such documents are supposed to be written in the way prescribed by the professor or the school. A fixed structure is given and is required to be followed. In order to write an effective research paper the following points should be covered by the student in his paper:

  • Introduction
  • Research question


  • Body
  • Background information

    Central arguments

  • Conclusion
  • Thesis defence

    New and unresolved questions

  • Bibliography
  • Sources which are cited in the document

One popular field where such documents are written is the Business and Management field. To choose a topic here is the most difficult task for the student. A list of some topic ideas in this field is cited below for your help:

  • Is Herzberg’s motivation theory efficient enough to explain the improvement in productivity of ABC Ltd
  • How has the JIT production theory contributed to the improvement of the productivity in ABC Ltd
  • How has the technique of JIT method contributed to the efficiency of textile industries
  • How has the introduction of TQM method improved the quality of XYZ Ltd
  • How advantageous is the joint venture between ABC Ltd and XYZ Ltd been so far
  • Why has market capitalisation of ABD Ltd been more than of its competitor XYZ Ltd
  • How significant has the merger between ABC Ltd and XYZ Ltd acted as a growth strategy
  • Has ABC Ltd been effective enough to introduce the theory of TQM in its process
  • Has Ansoff’s Matrix helped the launch of the new product for XYZ Ltd
  • How effective has ABC Ltd been in working out its SWOT analysis
  • Has the PESTLE analysis been effective enough to increase the growth of ABC Ltd
  • Position maps
  • Break even analysis
  • Porters’ five forces
  • Position maps

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