A List Of The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A cause and effect essay must explore and explain how, and why things happen. In your thesis you must state what the connection is between the elements, and how you plan to prove it. It's possible to deal with more than one topic or event in a cause and effect essay. However your goal must be to show that they are related or connected in some way.

A Few Steps To Follow When Writing A Good Cause And Effect Essay:

  1. Be sure you make the distinction between the cause and the subsequent effect. Your essay will explain the connection between the two independent events or concepts.
  2. Develop a thesis which is concise, and clearly states the argument that you will be making.
  3. Plan your assignment before you begin writing it. Will you organize it according to the importance of the details and/or events involved, or separate your argument into categories? Sometimes arranging the supporting evidence for your thesis in chronological order makes the most sense.
  4. Your choice of words can go a long way in improving the flow of your essay and convincing your reader of your thesis. Words and phrases like first, after, as a result of, and therefore, help lead the reader through your argument.

Some Of The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics:

  • Political And/Or Social Change
  • What was the result of the French Revolution in Europe? What effect did women winning the vote have on politics in Great Britain? How did the end of slavery in America affect the economy of the time?

  • Environmental Issues
  • What are the effects of noise pollution on marine mammals? How has global warming affected the polar ecosystem? Is desertification the cause of the increasing number of droughts in Africa?

  • The Effects Of The Media On Modern Society
  • What is the main effect of mobile technology on familial relationships today? Or is there one? How has twitter changed the way that elections are played out?

  • Technology, Machines Or Chemical Processes
  • I ran out of gas and my car won't start. Why? What are the effects of dropping an atom bomb on a populated area? Why does bread rise when you bake it?

  • Make It Personal!
  • What effect did a parent, teacher or other individual have on your present character? Who is the person you hate the most in the world? What caused you to feel this way?

    Whatever topic you decide to use for your next cause and effect assignment, be sure to keep your argument well-organized, concise and easy to follow. Taking the time to come up with a great thesis, will help get you great marks!

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