Tips And Tricks On How To Write Your Essays Successfully


If you are not sure what your topic will be try some of these tips.

  • Have a look online. There are several sites that offer lists of different types of essay topics. Make sure that you make a note of the key words that you put into the search engine and their order. This is important because you may find an interesting list and if you don't save it you may have to look for it again. If you use the same key words but in a different order then you will probably get a different list.
  • Once you have found a list, choose about 6 topics that you think that you would enjoy working on. Now, put the 6 topics in order of preference. Using your top three topics, take ten minutes on each topic area to brainstorm. You need to tackle what you already know about the topic; what you need to know where you will find the information and why is it relevant to your work.
  • Hopefully out of the list you will find that one of the topics stands out. This will be the topic for your essay.


  • Make a list of the research that you need to do and where to find the information. Make notes.
  • Start your work by following instructions you have been given (word count, referencing format etc.) Using headings start by using bullet points of information that will allow you to see that a plan for your work is forming. Make sure of points such as if you are writing a compare and contrast essay that the work is balanced (if you have three comparison point there should be three contrast points). Start gathering your thoughts as to how the conclusion will bring everything together.
  • Look carefully at the construction of each paragraph. The first sentence should be the introduction. The middle sentences should form the main part of the information and or argument. The last sentence should tie the paragraph together and lead into the next paragraph.

Drafting & Editing

  • Ideally you need to be reading and re-reading your work as you write. When you think you have finished, read you work through then make any necessary changes. Then read your work aloud. Again make any changes you feel are necessary. You may consider this your first draft.
  • Read your work through again. This time make sure that it follows a logical progression of ideas and that you have tackled any issues that need to be resolved. Make sure that if you change one word in a sentence, you take the time to read through your work again. Sometimes changing one word may change the focus or tense of a sentence.
  • Preferably get someone else to proofread your work.

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