Marijuana legalization essay: expressing your point of view

Legalizing marijuana continues to be a hot topic in different parts of the world, especially in the United States. When writing your essay on this topic you need to consider different viewpoints aside from your own. This will assist in the essay writing process to help make your argument stronger. Consider looking at legal measures taken to either make the concept a reality and actions that have prevented it from happening. Do you notice a pattern or do you feel something should be changed about the matter? These elements may help you form your argument.

  • Reviewing Different Sides of the Marijuana Legalization Debate
  • Expressing your point of view also includes looking at views of others. You need to get a firm understanding of where the debate is. If you are trying to convince someone to see things from your side, you still need to be educated on the matter to write an informative essay. There are opinions that vary with this topic with some opposing the idea and others supporting legalization for medical reasons only. You even have people that support legalizing its use just so they can enjoy using it without getting in trouble.

  • Understanding Where You Stand with Your Point of View
  • If you support legalizing marijuana then state your reasons for doing so. You should provide insight that is realistic and intelligent. You can provide examples of why the drug should be legalized and mention how people can benefit. You may want to consider pros and cons of legalization if you are not sure if you support the concept. Your views will be based on how much you know about the topic and what you think will happen in the future.

  • What Elements Are Necessary to Prove Your Side?
  • Think about evidence you will need to support your main idea or thesis. This may require a little research on your end to understand your options. This concept has been debated for several years. You may be interested in looking at it from views of another country. Some countries legalized the use and seem to have benefited from this decision. But, in writing about it from the perspective of your home country do you think things would be different or the same? Consider reviewing parts of the process possible to actually make the drug legal; is it worth the hassle?

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