Religion In America

Religion in America varies on a number of levels. Many Americans believe in God. Some may not believe there is a God but a higher power of some sort with a spiritual connection. Others do not believe in God or a higher power at all. A large number of Americans consider themselves Christian, Protestant, or they identify themselves with no religion at all. Does this say something about how people view what is right and how others should live their lives? Does this mean people are giving up their beliefs because of the chaos in the world today?

Some people may not have a true understanding of religion or what it means to have one. Others have a firm belief that they should stay on a specific track to get to where they want to be in their lives. It can be tough to stay focused when your faith is being tested. People can get thrown off track when they learn about things that are against what they believe. Even the government gives mixed messages to society when they don’t handle certain situations in a manner that is considered acceptable. Since there are several other denominations people identify themselves with, many wonder why they should have one to follow at all.

Religion in America can be seen from different viewpoints. In recent years more people admit they don’t believe God exists. This could be due to so much unrest that has occurred with few feeling as if a real God would not allow these things to continue forward. Others think there is a God and that when bad things happen it is a form of punishment or karma. The face of religion in the US has many faces due to multiple cultural believes. But many wonder if they are being punished because they do not believe in ways of another.

While many say they are practicing a certain religion, others feel it is simply a front to live a better life. For instance, there are church leaders that use God and certain religious believes to take advantage of others. The idea that someone who is supposed to help you live within God’s means is using others to make things better for themselves presents a unclear definition of what religion means. Sure, for those who believe in God claim he uses people to get his work done. But they are also entitled to be happy and not just do for themselves.

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