How to Write a Film Essay on the Movie You've Never Seen?

So you have been given the seemingly impossible task of writing a film essay about a movie that you have never seen? Maybe you were sick the day the professor showed the movie and you were supposed to watch it on your own and didn’t. Maybe you were supposed to choose a movie to watch at your leisure and now it’s crunch time and you don’t have time to watch it. Whatever reason you have for not being able to watch a movie that you have to write about doesn’t matter. Here is how you master the art of writing a film essay about a movie that you have never seen.

We have access to a wealth of information at our fingertips. There are many sites on the internet that will give you a lot of information on millions of movies. Simply type the name of the movie and the date it was made into your search engine and see just how many options show up for your movie.

You can get so much out of these websites that you may not have to worry about actually watching the movie at all. Here is what you can pull from the internet for your paper.

  • Information about the characters
  • Basic synopsis of the movie
  • Reviews from individuals who actually watched the movie
  • Information about where the movie took place and in what era

You can use this information to write up your essay and nobody will ever know that you didn’t even watch it.

Start your paper off with the information that you have collected about the place that the movie was set and the era it was set in. You can then go on to talk about the important characters. Sites usually list the characters in the order of importance so if you grab the first few to talk about, you probably have the most popular ones. You can also get an idea of the important characters by the movie synopsis and whether they were given a name. If the character is named “check out cashier”, they probably weren’t a main character.

Now you can talk about the synopsis. Some websites will even break the synopsis down by scenes. If so you pretty much just have to read that and talk about those topics in the body paragraphs. You can use detailed reviews to bring up key topics and to give your opinion about the movie. This is great for the paragraph that follows your synopsis or a concluding paragraph.

It is just that easy to write a film paper about a movie you have never seen.

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