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Now as you probably know if you are asked to write a persuasive essay, you need to choose a topic which is ripe for debate. The topic will be controversial, it will divide people's opinions and this is what makes it ideal as a potential persuasive essay topic for you. Don't waste your time on a topic which is not controversial. The greater the divide the topic causes, the better it is likely to be for you as a persuasive essay topic.

The person who reads your essay should be able to suspend disbelief. Before they start to read your essay they should have an open mind and be ready to be persuaded. And that's where your writing skill comes to the fore. Can you convince the reader, who is probably your teacher or professor, that the argument you are promoting in your essay is well substantiated and proved? If so, you stand a great chance of getting a good score. If you do the persuading in a brilliant fashion you could get an exceptional score.

But where can you find persuasive essay topics?

You can check out the library in your school or college where they keep a record of previous student essays. Look for those of a persuasive essay nature which have received an outstanding score. What were the comments made by the examiner? More importantly, what was the topic chosen?

You can ask one or more of your fellow students for topic suggestions. Never neglect the resource which is both free and close to home. But without a doubt the most fruitful resource for finding persuasive essay topics is online. In fact there are specific websites which deal solely with persuasive essay topics. They are easy to find but remember that they must be appropriate for you.

As so many people will tell you, if you have a prior knowledge of the subject matter in the topic you choose or if you have a passion about that topic, chances are you will write well. But even if you do have some knowledge of the topic, remember that the topic must have depth and it must have division. The depth is that there are some strong felt opinions about the topic and plenty of evidence for you to research. The division is that the topic causes debate or even dissension amongst people. These are the ideal persuasive essay topics. And here are some examples.

  • Does democracy work?
  • Have computers made life easier or harder?
  • Does the death penalty bring about a reduction in violent crimes?
  • Is online gambling a dangerous activity?
  • Why do some scientists argue that climate change is not real?

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