Famous Creative Thinkers

The world is shaped by geniuses. There are billions of people living on the planet, but only a handful of them are talented enough to make discoveries that can change our perception of the universe or invent tools that will have an adverse effect on our way of life. However, one should never forget that even the brightest minds of the world are subjects to passion, just like everyone else.

Nikola Tesla was a man whose contributions in the development of electricity supply systems were so important, that we would not have the ability to use electricity as we do today without them. He is the creator of an alternating current induction motor and transformer that changed the world. He was also the first to suggest the possibility of wireless power distribution. Though his experiments in this field were mostly unsuccessful, his ideas were later developed by other scientists. The impact that Tesla had on technology development is so great that every educated person today knows his name. However, a few of them can imagine the personal price Tesla paid for his genius. Nikola Tesla was a very reclusive individual. He was eccentric enough to fit the stereotypical “mad scientist” profile almost to the letter. He hardly ever slept, and worked for over twelve hours a day. He never married, but the women that vied for his attention claimed that he was a charming and modest man when he wanted to be. The shell of this eccentric scientist who was harsh with words and unrelenting in his beliefs hid the soul of a poet and a man who spent thousands of dollars feeding and tending to wounded pigeons in parks.

Andy Warhol, for all the impact that his philosophies and artworks had on the cultural development of the twentieth century, was rejected by the inner circles of the New York art world for being openly gay. However, the pop art style that he coined changed this very same world, and made Warhol one of the most prominent artists in history.

Frank Lloyd Wright, the developer of organic architecture and designer of “Fallingwater”, was a complete disaster as a family man. His fleeting affections were too numerous to count and as varied as his architectural ideas. His family home, “Taliesin”, was also a bearer of bad luck. It burned down two times. The first fire was due to arson, started by a madman who used an axe to kill Wright’s lover, her two children, and three more people.

There are people behind every single creation that shaped the world, and they are all human just like the rest of us. Even though geniuses are often regarded as supreme beings, they are still people that are able to feel and hurt like everyone else.

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