Academic Notes On Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay In APA Style

When writing a research paper using the APA format it is important to understand how the format works. It is best if you can find an example that can be used to make sure that you are writing a promising paper that is adhering to all of the necessary guidelines. This is something that is normal and helps to make sure the paper turns out the way that you want it to. There are a number of ways to find a free example. One is to ask the teacher; they will typically have a large storage cabinet full of previous papers which can be used as an example to follow. If you are not given one when assigned the paper it does not hurt to ask about it. They may have simply forgotten to provide the class with a sample.

A second resource to use for a free sample is the Internet. It is simply full of sample essays which give examples of both good and bad writing and explain why the APA format is important. Review of sample essays online can help provide information about how all of the sources should be formatted and where headings or equations should be inserted. Once these essays are found it becomes important to start writing the paper itself. If you begin to find that starting is a difficult process, it may be that you are having problems with stress. Internal stress can create a ton of problems for writers. There are a lot of things that can slow down the writing process including the following:

  1. Competition with the students that are in your class.
  2. Feelings that you are somehow inadequate when compared to others
  3. A propensity to procrastinate
  4. Competition with others

Among both graduate and undergraduate students there is competition. It runs rampant when not kept in check. It spreads like wildfire among the student body. Departments even have meetings in which they try to determine who should be given special treatment among the students. Scholarships are provided to the students who are being seen as the bets or the brightest in a class. Seminars become places where students have to fight to be seen as the most insightful person around. They have to ask the best questions of their age group. This competition creates a cut throat atmosphere which encourages students to feel as though they are inadequate for what they are doing. It also alleviates some of the personal support they receive from their peers and promotes some hostile feelings among students.

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