Female Masculinity

One of the most discussed topics in the world today is about looks. Many people forget that they are wonderfully made and start complaining of petty things. Consider a situation when a lady says that she is beautiful. What comes into your mind? The following are possible clues. One, you will think of a skinny person with a flat stomach, a brown skin and amazing looking curves. To this day, female masculinity is a very common topic which is discussed in the media. Many reports have been written about it. The fact that many people are talking about it is very important because it shows a reflection of the deepest fears about humanity.

Imagine a situation where your feminism is questioned by people, especially those you love and cherish. Imagine yourself being identified as a man when in reality you are a lady? How would you feel? It is also important to note that many women are masculine by choice. However, many of them are masculine because of how they were created. The former can be made by the way they dress and associate with people. If you are created that way, you should not let people define who you are. You should always convince yourself that you are beautiful.

The fact of the matter is that no one in the world looks like you. No matter how you look, you need to understand the fact that you are beautiful. A beautiful woman should not always be feminine. What would happen if all of us looked the same? Unfortunately, many women who are not very feminine have suffered from depression while others have committed suicide. Unfortunately, the elder generation seems not supportive of young girls going through this stage of inferiority complex. Parents don’t have time for their children as they are always in search of green pastures. A lot would happen if a mother of such a kid always told her how beautiful she looks.

As women, we need to take time and reflect about the values that make us. Whether we are masculine or feminine, we should all understand that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We should not let the world judge who we are. Yes, it will be challenging at first but the fact is that if we believe, we will achieve it. We should not let other people tell us who we are and why we were created. We should also understand that we will achieve more goals if we love and appreciate ourselves than when we live in denial. There is no need to focus on what you can’t change.

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