A guide for students: how to compose topics for college papers

Choosing the right topic for your essay can be a daunting task. The reason is not that good topics are hard to find. Any topic can be good or bad, it is the writer and his approach that matters. A good writer can look for meaning and new perspective of approaching the same topic, which someone else may find boring, obvious, or repetitive. However, many people try to judge a book by the cover it has, so you need to choose a title or topic of your essay that can engage your readers. It can be based on a fact, a social or political situation, and the role of different stakeholders in businesses. The topic of the essay depends upon the following

  • Why are you taking history instead of math or biology or any other subject?
  • What is type and purpose of your essay?
  • How much data is already available under this subject?
  • How will you phrase this topic to get maximum attention?

Here is what you need to do if you are having trouble in choosing the right topic for your essay

Draw a diagram division of your subject

Think of your subject in detail. Give time to the subject and it will reveal amazing facts about itself. You do not have to talk about failed marriages or successful marriages if the subject is marriage, You can discuss other beautiful things about this or the changes it brought in you as a person. You can also draw a web diagram or flow chart to list down different possibilities.

Choose the area of interest

Pick an area that interests you the most. Look at the flow chart diagram you drew. You will see what ideas can be used under what division. Do not jump straight to any category if you only have some information. You need to have a better understanding of this paper because it decides your topic.

Create a catchy yet meaningful topic

The last thing you need to do is write down your topic. Think of all the ideas and see which one represents your topic the best.

How to create the right topic for your essay

  • Brainstorm for ideas
  • Consult essay guides
  • Ask your teacher to give you some direction
  • Do not copy others
  • Make sure you do not make grammatical errors
  • Grab your audience

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