Essay Topics: Check Out What We Have Prepared

One of the most difficult parts of writing an essay can be choosing what you will write about. When choosing a topic you should try and be as original as possible. Keep in mind that your instructor will be reading lots of different essays, and you want yours to make an impression and stand out. Whenever possible, choose something that you are interested in, this will make your writing experience more fun, and will shine through in your essay. Make sure there is enough information about your subject to write a thorough essay. Here are ten ideas for interesting and easily relatable essay topics:

  1. Describe a life-changing experience from your own life. Describe the event itself, how you felt at the time, and how it changed you. This is a great topic because it allows you to write about the subject you know most about: yourself. These are also very interesting essays to read.

  2. In your opinion what makes a good movie/book/song? How do you judge these things personally, and how does your opinion coincide with the opinions of critics? This topic allows you to really go into depth, and analyze yourself and personal beliefs.

  3. What constitutes cruelty to animals? Are zoos cruel, or informative? Is it necessary to euthanize stray animals? This topic is great for people who are very interested in animal rights. Be sure to go into detail. Do not write an essay saying that it is wrong to be mean to animals.

  4. Should students in Public Schools be required to take more foreign language classes? This subject will need a little bit of research, but it is currently very controversial, which makes it an interesting for your instructor to read. Make sure to address the advantages and disadvantages of this.

  5. What does family mean to you? Is family made up of people who share the same DNA as you, or people you care about? This is a safe and classic essay topic, but continues to be interesting and relevant because the answer is so personal.

  6. What is a bully? Or how do we end bullying? This topic may require a little but of research, but it is very popular right now. Almost everyone has an experience with bullying, so it is easy to make it interesting and personal.

  7. What makes a person strong? Who is the strongest person in your life? For this topic you can even interview different people such as parents, teachers, or friends.

  8. Should Public Schools allow religious expression? Describe the pros and cons of praying and religion in public schools.

  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Explain this in detail. Avoid cliché or general statements unless you can back them up in an interesting way.

  10. If you won the lottery, how would you spend your money? Make sure to include details, and explain your choices thoroughly.

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