How To Make Your One-Page Essay On Football Stand Out

Football is a very popular sport in the US. It is no wonder that teachers often ask students to write academic papers on football. The simplest type of paper is a one-page essay. To get a high score for it, you should make it interesting and original. Continue reading this article and learn a few good tips about this matter.

  1. Learn about football.
  2. To compose a paper of high quality, you should know your topic very well. Find some books on football history or search for necessary information on the Internet. To raise good arguments and support them properly, you should know all the nuances of this sport.

  3. Make your topic unique.
  4. When writing about football, students usually retell its history and describe the rules of this sport. You should go further. Think about a topic that will be original and unexpected. For example, you may choose to write about something you would like to change in the game.

  5. Compose a good thesis statement.
  6. One of the key elements of a decent essay is a well written thesis statement. This is a sentence in the end of an introduction that should describe the goal of your paper. All your arguments and ideas should be directly related to your thesis statement. If you have doubts about your thesis, you may ask your teacher for advice.

  7. Think about your readers.
  8. When writing an academic paper, you should remember that your readers may not know everything you know. For this reason, it is advisable to use simple language and avoid jargon words and abbreviations that are known only to football fans.

  9. Grab your readers’ attention.
  10. In the introduction of your essay you should put a hook that will attract the attention of your readers. This hook might be a provocative question about football or a quote of a famous football player.

  11. Raise good arguments.
  12. If you want to raise some arguments in your paper, you should be able to support them properly. Look for sources that might prove your ideas. This is always better than just expressing your own opinion on the matter.

  13. Make a proper conclusion.
  14. In the last paragraph of your essay, it is important to sum up everything you said previously rather than give new ideas to think about. You may restate your thesis statement, but in a more explanatory way.

  15. Eliminate the mistakes.
  16. To get a high score, you should proofread your paper carefully. Eliminate all the mistakes and awkward phrasing.

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