A List of Great Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

An exemplification essay is written to

  • Explain a phenomenon using examples
  • Prove your point by providing similar examples
  • Refer back to the examples to draw on your conclusion

These essays are written with utmost care because it is all drawn from secondary happenings. This article will take you through how to write an exemplification essay and will provide you with a list of a few essay topics you could use


This is the first step in every essay writing activity. You do your research well and choose a topic that will interest you the most and one which has ample evidence supporting it. No point choosing a topic you’ll have to struggle writing about.


State why you are writing this essay and who you are writing it for. This will help you focus and you will not deter from your main argument too much.


Since exemplification essays need a lot of evidence to back them, it is important at this point to list out all the evidence you have for your essay. By doing this, you will not have to flip through internet pages or actual pages of a book to find your resource.


These are two most important parts of the essay. A thesis statement gives your reader a leash which your introduction will pull on. Your reader needs to be hooked and interested in your essay; no better way to do this than write a smashing introduction to your essay. Once you’ve followed these steps, all you have to do is organize your examples well and end with a viable conclusion. Here below is a list of exemplification essay topics you could look into:

  • Genetic Engineering
  • Ghosts and Goblins
  • Religion in School
  • Discrimination
  • Animals and People – how people sometimes behave like animals
  • Child Discipline
  • The days where people could succeed without a degree
  • Commercials and their effects on Children
  • Home-schooling vs Going to a school

These topics have multiple examples available on the internet and you will not fail to get them. Just pick a topic that would interest you and you will find enough to write about. Even if it is not one of those listed above, it works in your favour when you have a list to compare to.

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