Tips On How To Find Proper Reflection Essay Examples Easily

Reflection essays are a type of assignment that asks students to reflect on an event, a person or a place that has had some profound effect on their lives. It’s a lot like writing a story and can lead to the development of some great creative composition skills. There are students, however, that struggle with this kind of assignment because they are unsure of what elements should go into a well-written reflection essay. The best advice, in this case, is to look for a reliable sample to use as a guide. Here are five good places to look:

  • Ask Your Professor for an Example
  • It’s always a good idea to go straight to the source of your writing assignment. Visit your professor after class or during office hours to see if he or she has samples of a reflection paper for you to look at. Chances are they have some of their favorite ones from former students archived. Study each one carefully, as they can provide excellent insight to what your professor expects from you.

  • Get One from a Friend
  • Every student will likely know at least one friend who writes excellent creative papers. Why not ask for a little help with your paper? Ask your friend for a copy of a similar assignment (if they scored high on paper they’re likely to have kept it). If you are having trouble identifying the key components that went into the essay, then get some one-on-one tutoring on the spot.

  • Hire a Professional Writing Service
  • Professional writing services can more often than not get you excellent examples within a few hours of placing an order. Most services will keep several writers on retainer and while your paper may not be due for a few days, purchasing a sample early in the process will help you create one of your own that meets all of the criteria.

  • Check Professional Writers’ Sites
  • vMany professional writers spend some time writing similar types of essays for their personal websites. Though the subject matter may be different you can still learn from some of the ones you find online. Start with authors you know or with topics similar to yours. The closer the work is to what you intend to write about the easier time you will have writing it.

  • Visit Your Local Library
  • Your local library will have hundreds of journals and books with creative reflection essays to learn from. They may be a little hard to find at first because they may be part of larger essay collections. But if you talk to the references librarian and conduct some database searches you are sure to find some great selections.

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