Helpful Advice On Creating A Short Essay About Dubai City

Teachers often assign short essay assignments to develop students’ abilities to write concisely and directly. One really fun assignment is to write about a foreign city because it means students have to research information and apply an original argument. Here is some helpful advice on how to create a great short essay about Dubai City:

  • Conduct Ample Research
  • Start by first looking up as much information you can find online. This helps you learn about some of the things about Dubai City that is common knowledge. The next step is to do in-depth research looking for academic resources. Talk to the reference librarian to learn where you should get started. Look for resources that are current, preferably ones that were printed within the last three years.

  • Create an Assignment Outline
  • Take your research content notes and organize them in a paper outline. Since you are limited in the words you can have in this short assignment you should make sure that you select your three best discussion topics to include in your paper. Be sure to put in all of your supporting evidence or examples directly below each discussion topic. Make adjustments to the outline as you go, since it’s easier to do so at this point before you start writing.

  • Write the First Draft
  • One of the biggest challenges students face is getting started with a simple first draft. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage in the process. Just get your ideas down as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You should always keep your outline next to you as you write the first draft so that you can quickly find your place should you go off track or find yourself digressing.

  • Revise the First Draft
  • Set your paper aside for a few days before coming back to it for your revision. When you do your revision, look for every chance to improve your work by rearranging content, removing content and adding new material. Do this with a critical eye so that you present the best short essay on the city of Dubai as you can complete.

  • Edit and Proofread
  • Finally, the last step actually involves two stages: editing and proofreading. Edit to ensure that your sentences are clear and direct and that you have removed all instances of complicated sentence structures or long words. Next, proofread at multiple levels: the paper level, the paragraph level, and the sentence level. Make all corrections to punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

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