Irreplaceable expert help: 100 college essay topics

  1. Importance of autobiographies
  2. A difficult decision you made
  3. Where would you go if you had a time machine
  4. What would you do with one million dollars
  5. A moment that changed your life
  6. A moment when you felt happy for the first time
  7. A moment when you felt shame for the first time
  8. Something you never wanted to see
  9. What a robot could never do
  10. What are the difference between right and wrong choices
  11. Your secret love
  12. A risk you took and its influence
  13. A sport you played
  14. A friend you had
  15. An influential teacher
  16. What you will never do if you are a parent
  17. What class was really hard and why
  18. Why you are a great student
  19. Why is science important
  20. Should religion be required learning in school
  21. What special gift would you want and why
  22. What superpower would you want and why
  23. Did any childhood dreams come true?
  24. What can you never resist
  25. When is it ok to tell a lie
  26. How important is math
  27. What conversation will you always remember
  28. How can colors change mood
  29. What do you want to be when you grow up
  30. What’s in a name?
  31. Why is kissing important?
  32. Is modern dating dead?
  33. Are social networks good or bad?
  34. If you had to write a book what would it be about?
  35. What is one story you would tell about yourself
  36. How important is diversity
  37. You need hugs to be emotionally healthy… when did you need a hug
  38. What would you bring to a desert island
  39. What would you do if you lived to be 100
  40. Describe your home town
  41. What you would you invent if you could
  42. Describe a piece of art that changed your life
  43. Describe your most embarrassing moment
  44. Write about an unexplained event
  45. Are aliens real?
  46. What would you do with a magic wand?
  47. What would you do with a robot?
  48. What will life be like in 150 years?
  49. Describe your life philosophy
  50. Describe your goals
  51. Are morals important
  52. Is religion bad
  53. Should gays be given equal rights
  54. Is feminist theory bad
  55. Is religion perpetuating sexual violence against women
  56. Which teaching method is best
  57. What makes a good leader
  58. What environmental changes would you make
  59. Are last words important to a dying one
  60. Are funerals important
  61. Write about your best day
  62. Write about your worst day
  63. Which dead person would you have dinner with if you could
  64. Why are clothes important
  65. Are cell phones good or bad
  66. Is reality television bad
  67. Describe when you overcame a challenge
  68. What animal would you be
  69. List one thing you want to change in the world
  70. What is better: taking or giving gifts
  71. What country do you want to visit
  72. What is your favorite plant
  73. Words that changed your life
  74. People who changed your life
  75. Are risks worth it
  76. Is it better to have loved and lost
  77. Are families important
  78. Is physician assisted suicide ethical
  79. Reproduction is now harming the environment
  80. IQ tests for reproduction should be required
  81. What is your favorite animal
  82. Why would you do as leader of your country first
  83. Children need discipline
  84. Parenting is getting worse each year
  85. What is the weirdest thing you ever saw
  86. What would your pet say if they could talk
  87. How did you react to being taught a lesson
  88. Do stereotypes have meaning to you
  89. What work of literature inspired you
  90. What is the best advice
  91. What invention should never have been created
  92. What is your favorite season
  93. How would you save the world
  94. What place is meaningful to you
  95. What poem represents you best
  96. Growing up
  97. What impact would a revolution have on you
  98. What is your passion
  99. If you could travel for only one day where would you go 
  100. What words changed your life?

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