Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Volcanoes: Great Suggestions

What Is A Cause And Effect Essay?

A cause-and-effect essay is a piece of writing which puts emphasis on why certain things happen and what are the effects. If you are given an assignment of writing a cause-and-effect essay about volcanoes, then you should narrate what geographical imbalance causes volcanoes and what catastrophic changes they bring in. The USP of a cause-and-effect article resides with the fact that- it is highly informative and scientific in nature.

Five Suggestions to Write a Good Cause-and-Effect Essay about Volcanoes-

  • Think Deeply And Logically
  • It may sound easier from outside, but writing a cause-and-effect essay is not smooth. You have to possess reasoning ability and a logical mind to pen down your thoughts lucidly on the paper. Hunt down other cause-and-effect articles and read them thoroughly. The more you read them, the more you will understand how to establish a relation between the cause and the effect.

  • Brainstorm The Cause
  • Your whole essay revolves around the topic of volcanoes. You need to write about what are the causes behind the volcanic eruption. Apart from the technical side, you may also point out how the increasing pressure of housing and population density in volcanic areas can cause it. You may consult few scholarly books in the library that can demonstrate you- how to structure the causes of a cause-and-effect article.

  • Start With An Illustrative Introduction
  • Your cause-and-effect article should have an engaging introductory paragraph that will hook the reader instantly. For dramatic effect, it’s advisable that you begin your essay with illustrating an incident of volcanic eruption in recent time that created much havoc on civilization and still its after-effects can be seen.

  • Use The Transitional Words
  • There might be more than one reason for causing volcanoes in the vulnerable areas. You need to co-relate one with the other by the help of transitional words like- so, because of, led to and so on. Not only in case of causes, but even when you are transitioning from cause to effects, these words will prove to be much handy.

  • There Must Be Symmetry Between The Two
  • If you just write down the causes in one paragraph and the effects on the next, they will look disjointed. To tone down this, the symmetry between cause-and-effect must be smooth. First state the causes of volcanic eruption, then describe a noteworthy event of such and then list down its effects. Ex- for spreading plate margins (cause), a volcano erupted in the hilly region of Japan (event) thus leading mayhem in the lives of millions (effect).

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