What Are the Rules of Composition: Essay Writing Guidelines

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  • As a student, or as someone who would like to engage in the regular leisurely activity of writing, the composition of words is often difficult to express. As in the expression of one’s feelings for another, there seems to be a need to penetrate the fear of mishap, by going straight to the source of one’s troubles, the ailment. Because the purpose of this article deals with the guidelines, or rules for proper essay writing, you will need to note that the age old saying, “practice makes perfect,” firmly applies here, as well as any area within your life that needs mending.

  • Essay Writing
  • When you begin writing an essay composition, you should first commence with an outline. The purpose of an outline is to illustrate an overview of the direction in which you want to present your essay. Think of it as a shopping list, or better yet, an ingredients list of what would be needed for a particular recipe. This should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Under each one of these headings, you will fill in the blank, as to what to specifically include for each. So, for example, under the headline of the introduction, a thesis statement, or centralizing main idea is required. The thesis is a one sentence summary of your essay’s argument, or debate. This is followed by the supporting evidence of details to back up the thesis’ claim. Under the body paragraphs, you will go one by one down the list of supporting evidence you have, in order to state each one coherently. You will have to go into further detail of each, so it is advised that you be able to thoroughly explain each. Under the conclusion heading you will have to reinstate the thesis statement and the list of supporting evidence of details. This is followed by your closing overall analysis of contending such an argument. Remember, that the more thorough the outline, the more easier writing your essay will be. Though, you may not choose to be so detailed in the outline, or even choose to create an outline for that matter, solely depends entirely on you. However, knowing how to plan out your writing, such as in the accompanying details needed per section of the essay composition, comes in handy in the end.

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