Practical Tips For Writing A Narrative Essay About Love And Heartbreak

Writing narrative essays gives you the chance to allow some of your own personal experiences to be included in your work. The end result should be about your own life or at least appear to be. It may be necessary to fictionalize a few points if you lack the first hand knowledge. Here are a few tips to get you started on creating essays in this style about love and heartbreak.

  • Define both terms
  • This is important because many people think they’ve never been heartbroken or felt the remorse of loving and not being loved in return. Depending on the way these terms are defined most of us are actually still suffering from such experiences. Think about the loss of a parent due to abandonment or the loss of a beloved pet to an accident. Both of those experiences should count just as much as a disastrous breakup with a significant other.

  • Decide which aspect you want to focus on
  • You can look at your chosen situation from many angles. Would you prefer to focus on the emotions that were conjured up or the way you reacted? You can even take your narration from the perspective of others looking in on you and seeing how badly you handled the whole thing.

  • Read other narrative essays
  • This helps if you are uncertain of your own writing style and don’t want your shortcomings to affect the finished product. Learn from the writers whose work you read but don’t stop having your own distinctive style.

  • Create an outline
  • Having done all of the previous steps you can start to piece the basic structure together. Decide where each aspect of your story will fit in relation to the others and even start the introduction and conclusion.

  • Fill in the details
  • This is the point where your essay becomes complete. Make sure that your introduction and conclusion shine. As the first and last parts of your story they can influence how the rest of the paper is perceived and remembered.

The above steps are sufficient for many but if you want added security it helps to take a few others. Proofread an edit carefully. Many a perfect paper has been spoiled by overlooking this detail. You should also have someone whose judgment you trust read it over and give you feedback.

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