Rulers of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs. There were numerous pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt and many of them did their best to leave an everlasting legacy. However, only a few of the numerous powerful pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt were actually able to accomplish their objectives of leaving an eternal legacy. However, those who accomplished their objectives were purely based on luck for the reason that nearly all tombs have been robbed or destroyed (Nardo, 2004). As a result, many holes have been left in the Egyptian history, culture, and life by these unfortunate occurrences because we can only picture how a pharaoh and his subjects ought to have lived together in ancient Egypt.

According to Nardo, some of the most remembered pharaohs include Akhenaten- he was a powerful ruler who changed Egypt and pushed his subjects towards anew religion, the belief in one god. Another ruler was Amenhotep III- he ruled in the course of a peaceful time consequently, he beatified Egypt. Another ruler was Ahmose I- this rule set the stage for the emergence of the New Kingdom where Egypt attained the peak of its authority. Cleopatra VII was another ruler; he conjured many enemies of Egyptians and expanded the Egyptian kingdom. Hatshepsut was the other ruler; she was very ambitious and dressed like a pharaoh so as to maintain her dominance.

Malam asserts that Khufu is the ruler who is still remembered for constructing the largest pyramid in Egypt. King Tut is an Egyptian ruler that went to explore the virtual tomb of the young pharaoh and read about his life. Another ruler was King Menes. He is hidden in mystery, which can be lost forever historically. He was the first ruler of the ancient Egypt and the first ruler of the Dynasty I era. Another ruler was Ramses II; he is believed to be may be one of the most powerful rulers of the ancient Egypt. However, the most remembered ruler whose legacy is still in Egypt today is Snefru. He loved art and development hence, he was accountable for very many pyramids- some of which are still seen in Egypt today.

In conclusion, ancient Egypt had very many rulers and majority of them are still remembered because of legacies that they left behind. However, many rulers are at risk of being forgot in the Egyptian history as their tombs and legacies are being destroyed and stolen. Thus, there is need to preserve well all historical sites including tomb of pharaohs.

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