My Life Vision

A Life vision can be said to be a tool that helps one asses all the resources available to them that enables them to possess certain characters and abilities. As such it enables one to see their work and career in a manner that is personally meaningful, inspiring, stimulating and in alignment with who they believe they are. It is all about what one feels is important and if you start caring about what others think about you and your vision, then you will be creating a definitive roadblock to achieving your dreams.

Every person has their own life vision which is normally distinct from those of others because of the different factors that influence each person’s. Each individual may have different vision because of their social background which may have been affected by friends, family and even the customs that surround them. Several reasons do exist that may mold someone’s vision.

My life vision is to work hard in order to provide a positive and stable environment that will enable my family to prosper and grow. I must strive to create a legacy for my children that they will be proud to pass along to their own children. We are all human beings and are therefore not bound to live in this world forever. As a result, most of us may not end up with their names making it to the history books. However, this does not mean that we should be forgotten when the final bell rings. We can still live forever if the generations that come after us use the values and lessons we teach them now. I have a very strong belief about this and I have made it a life goal.

I want to be a good employee with a successful career without having to compromise the principles that I have set down to guide my life. This means that I want to be trustworthy, honest, forgiving, and above all, be a very productive member of the society. If I am able to accomplish my vision, I will be personally satisfied even though the results may not be tangible. The moral values taught to me by the people I have worked with and my daily experiences are what guide every aspect of my life. Honesty and integrity are a major part of my life as I try to meet my commitments. I believe my interpretation of everything is what illuminates my path to the future.

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