How To Write An Effective Long Essay On Our Environment

Writing on the environment is a popular assignment for both high school and college students. Some students might even go on to study the subject more deeply and will need to write papers well into graduate school. There are a number topics to explore, making it pretty easy for any student to find just the right one to discuss in an interesting way. This piece will focus on how to write an effective long essay on an environmental topic:

  • Choose a Topic that Isn’t Too Broad or Too Narrow
  • When writing any kind of long essay, you want to ensure you choose a topic that isn’t too broad or too narrow. The trouble in choosing one that is too broad is that you may not be able to effectively discuss your topic if you don’t focus on just one aspect of it. On the other hand, if you make your topic too narrow you may have a hard time finding enough reading material to provide you with the evidence you need to craft a good argument.

  • Conduct Some Preliminary Research for Ideas
  • You should start by doing some preliminary research to help brainstorm a little. You may have an idea about your topic, but doing some preliminary reading will help you focus your argument towards a single perspective. You should keep accurate notes and make keep track of your citations so you won’t spend too much time putting on these finishing touches towards the end.

  • Create a Detailed Outline with Your Discussion Points
  • When you’re writing a long essay you’ll find yourself wandering from one point to another. It’s a good idea to first create a detailed outline to keep your content in organized and in order. Keep your outline next to you as you write your first draft. This way you can quickly reference your discussion points and stay on track.

  • Improve Your Long Essay Through Revision
  • After you’ve written your first draft you should set your paper aside for a few hours, or even a few days if you are on schedule, so that you can approach your revision with a set of fresh eyes. Look for ways to improve your argument by moving and rearranging sentences or entire paragraphs. You may find that your paper will be better if you remove entire pieces of text, just keep in mind that the goal to revising is to improve your work by re-visioning what it is you have written in your first draft.

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