How to Write a Formal Essay and Get an A

Wouldn’t it be great if every essay you turned in could win you that A+? If every time the instructor handed back your work you knew exactly what the result would be? Luckily, writing an A+ essay is not as difficult as you may think. A G.O.O.D essay has excellent Grammar and spelling, great Organization, is Original, and Direct. In fact, if you follow these G.O.O.D steps you are basically ensured that A essay.

  • Grammar and Spelling.
  • Although this seems like an obvious point, you should never take it for granted. Proper grammar and spelling help your reader trust you, and show that you really put time and effort into the essay. Make sure to proofread everything you write to be sure that all of your spelling and grammar is correct. Reading your essay out loud also helps you catch any grammar mistakes you may have missed the first time.

  • Organization.
  • Good structure and organization is one of the most underrated elements of writing an A quality essay. No matter how well you write, or how much quality information your essay contains, it will be lost if your organization is poor. Making an outline before you begin writing your essay will keep you organized and on topic. Also be sure to follow this general essay structure: Introduction, body, conclusion. Your thesis should be at the end of your introduction, and each paragraph of the body of your essay should clearly support it. Your conclusion should include a summary of your thesis, and all of the main points you use to prove it.

  • Originality.
  • Be original! Use your own voice, and try not to just repeat the information you read. Avoid using cliché statements as they take away the power of what you are saying, and make your essay sound boring. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be professional though. Remember, an essay is not just a written conversation. Be sure to use a polite, diplomatic, and professional tone. Avoid “I statements” or first person opinions in research or academic papers. In personal opinion essays be careful about including slang terms.

  • Direct.
  • Be direct and clear in all of your sentences. Make sure you stick to your thesis, and avoid getting caught up in unrelated information. Ask yourself “Does this support my thesis?” if the answer is no, than it probably doesn’t belong in your essay. Avoid run-on sentences and paragraphs, and keep your information concise.

Be sure to follow the G.O.O.D outline, and your essays will immune to the kind of mistakes that bring your grades down! So go out there and start bringing home those A+ essays!

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