Selecting A Compare And Contrast Essay Topic About Texting Vs Calling

When you write an essay to find out the differences as well as similarities between two things you will need to compare and contrast them. So if you decide to write on two things like texting and calling you will have to have a lot of information on how these two things are similar as well as how they differ from each other.

The first step towards writing an essay on something as vast and intriguing as calling vs texting is choosing an angel. This is the topic on which you will be elaborating the paper. Once you start writing there is no way you can deviate too much from the topic. So it is always a good idea to brainstorm before you start writing in order to get a good idea. If you consider all the possible angels to base your work on, you will be able to select the best one that suits your requirements.

Here are some topics and ideas you can consider for your essay:

  • You can start on the similarities between texting and calling. Highlight how both of them are great gifts of modern technology and have helped bring people together. The similarities should also include how they have revolutionized the way humans communicates. In the contrast part mention how they are different technologically. You can call from a telephone or a mobile but you will need a mobile to send texts. Mention how the response time differs between the two.

  • In another alternate topic you can highlight the similarities by saying how both of them have alienated human beings from their fellow human beings. Now a day everyone is busy with either calling or texting. You can say that even when everyone is connected through these two features they are becoming more and lonelier because of it. While finding the contrast between the two discuss how the age difference varies when it comes to these two features. While young people prefer texting the elderly usually call. Conclude by saying who are lonelier? Is it the people who call or the ones who always text.

  • Another angel that can be explored is the relation between couples or spouses. The general similarity is that both texting and calling are meant to help a person stay connected with their loved ones. The contrast should be on which couples are happier.

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