Lack Of Leadership Positions For Black Women In A Male Dominating Profession

Leadership is an important thing. Without good leaders people would not be inspired and would not know where to turn to for assistance. Having good leaders in a working environment is particularly important. Having good people to fill leadership roles is essential in order for any organization to achieve their organizational goals. But today there exists a lack of leadership positions for black women particularly in male dominated professions.

Not having enough black women in leadership positions in any working environment is not an accurate portrayal of the citizens that populate our country nor is it an appropriate use of the skills that are available in the job market. In a male dominated profession there should be more leaders from both sexes to ensure that both sexes are equally represented and that both sexes have leaders to whom they can look in times of need.

In order for leaders to be effective they need to be inspiration and motivational. They need to offer clear direction for those beneath them. No matter the size of the business leaders need to be effective and in doing so will ensure the company can enjoy success and stability. Without good leaders companies will only achieve slow growth and might lose their direction or motivation in the face of the competition.

Having good leaders of both sexes and all races will help a company to set a clear vision. By communicating this set vision employees will have a better understanding of the direction the organization is heading and will be able to understand the role that they play in that direction and what responsibilities fall to them. Effective leaders also need to plan. Having a structure and creating a plan that helps companies meet their goals will ensure every employee feels involved and that every employee knows what their individual work is contributing to the company.

Overall effective leaders and in particular black female leaders in a male dominated profession are able to inspire and motivate. They are committed and they have enthusiasm that truly rubs off on the company and provides motivation for employees to perform at their best all the time. Great leaders also cultivate an environment wherein employees can openly contribute to the company goals. They can provide new ideas that might improve a company. Companies can only diversify their experience and create a positive working environment if they can diversify their new ideas.

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