Study guidelines on how to write a descriptive essay about a picture.

“A picture speaks a thousand words” but putting those thousand words into writing can be very tricky. If you think your job is to throw in little fancy adjectives and describe the picture, you my friend are certainly mistaken. It takes a lot more than that to write a good descriptive essay. After all what’s the point of writing a descriptive essay at all if you can’t have your reader see and experience the image through your words.

A lot has been said and written previously in this regard, each article telling you almost the same things on how to write an outstanding essay about an object or a picture. I can’t promise you anything different either but I sure as hell can assure you one thing: after reading this article you will be able to score a decent 8/10 on a descriptive essay.

6 rules of convenient descriptive writing:

  • First things first, decide “what” you want to use as your description subject for your essay. If you have already been assigned the subject your job is already half done. For the sake of this article let’s suppose you are to write a descriptive essay about a picture.

  • Now try to shortlist 3 main ideas (how) you could associate the picture and go with the most convenient one. You can write a rough thesis statement to help you in this regard.

  • Use adjectives like bright colors, smooth texture etc. describe the objects in the picture. If theses a sun or an ocean, explain how bright is shining or how wavy and blue the ocean is. If it’s a photograph of you at the Great Wall of China, try to recall how you felt at that moment and jot it down. Remember “feelings are good and contagious and you want to spread them”. Hence sensory details are very important!

  • Now that you know how you feel about the picture and are ready to convey it to the reader, its time you make an outline to organize your thoughts.

  • Now write your introductory paragraph and go with the natural flow of essay writing leading you to a proper conclusion.

  • Once you’re done with the essay has someone read it for you and then show them the picture and take their opinion on how well you’ve linked the two.

Proofread the essay before final submission. Oh and it’ll be nice to add some visual effects!

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