Impacts Of Globalization And The Declining Economy On Higher Education

As of yet, globalization and the declining economy have had a minor effect on higher education. But does that mean it will remain so? No, in fact, it will have a much greater effect. Globalization has already had its effect on industry, and the market place. This is especially true in the US. But the US is not the only ones to feel this effect. Asia has taken a lot of the industrial development, and will soon dominate the higher education market as well, with a possibility to write essays for money for students all over the world. But why?

  1. Goals
  2. Liberal ideology and the Fall of Russia
  3. How they Work in Tandom


Before the development of the industrialized world, education was a means to develop the mind, body and soul. This was the need for Primary Education, and the goal of it. With the development of the industrial world, more was needed; thus the development of a more effective Secondary Education became needed. So the secondary education went through radical changes. Then slowly moved to keep up with the times.

This was ok for a long time, but with Globalization this is not the case any more. Adding on the declining economy of many industrial countries, they now are not able, or unwilling to make the radical changes. This is going to push the Secondary education market to Aisa as well.

Liberal ideology and the Fall of Russia

With the fall of Russia, this opened a door to the liberal ideologies to form a global economy. One that attacked the Capitalistic structure that had built much of the industrial world, and economies. In place of a capitalistic structure, it is now a more socialist structure; that has benefitted Asia, and destabilized the rest of the world economy. It is because of this, that the Asian Countries will be able to better deal with the radical changes that will be needed, in the secondary education system.

How they Work in Tandom

This will in fact benefit the Asian countries because these countries will have more finances to use. This will allow them to better develop education structures that can better deal with the globalized world. While taking funds from the old leaders, and limiting their education developments. So in the west, the secondary schools, Colleges and Universities, will suffer and eventually fall behind. Increased industrialization means increased revenue for the countries. Removing that industry, also removes funding for education on all levels.

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