Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is one of the killer diseases at this present age. It is also known as renal failure or renal insufficiency. It is basically a medical condition where the kidneys cannot sufficiently filter waste products produced from the blood. The condition can either be an acute kidney malfunction or injury that is possible to reverse with enough treatment or a chronic kidney disease that is in most cases not reversible.

What causes kidney failure?

Just like is the case with other health complications, it is important to identify the cause before the treatment can be advised. Kidney failure is usually established through a notable decrease in the glomerular rate of filtration – the rate by which blood is normally strained in the kidney glomeruli.

This is usually detected through a decrease or the lack of urine production or the establishment of waste products such as urea or creatinine in the blood. Based on the cause, loss of blood in the urine, hematuria and the loss of protein in the urine, proteinuria may be seen.

Therefore, kidney failure is simply when the kidneys can no longer perform their functions well enough requiring a transplant or a dialysis. Failure in kidneys can happen abruptly in what is known as an acute kidney failure or may take place in a gradual process. The condition can be caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also be as a result of genetic complication such as polycystic kidney condition, injuries, autoimmune diseases such as IgA nephropathy, HI and lupus and some medications.

Preventing Kidney Failure

A kidney will fail completely when chronic kidney disease (CKD) is not well handled. Preventing CKD through the help of a doctor can help a lot in fixing kidney damage. For those with high blood pressure and diabetes, a doctor’s advice is also important to help in managing them. Kidneys can also be protected through the consumption of a low-fat diet and salt, doing a lot of exercises, doing regular hospital check-ups and avoiding both alcohol and tobacco.

Kidney failure is one of the most serious health complications that have over the years been responsible for multiple deaths. However, it has in some occasions been successful treated through professional doctors’ advice and eating healthy foods. Basically, the kidney will not successfully filter waste products from the blood when it is infected and these are the major signs of a kidney that would fail.

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