Writing a US History Essay: 15 Most Burning Topics

There is a lot of history that has happened. When covering all this, it is important to keep in mind the history context of what you are talking about. This makes choosing a topic rather difficult, but that does not mean that there are not topics to be had. Try to answer any of the following questions.

  1. Who was the best president? Try to come up with valid criteria for choosing the best and award a winner.
  2. What were the goals that Polk accomplished during his presidency compared to his campaign promises? How were they alike and different?
  3. What is the history of Muslim Americans in America, when did they start having a larger presence in the states and how has this group changed as a demographic and political force?
  4. Describe the rise of the American Media. At what point, if any, did we free ourselves from the muckrakers of the twenties?
  5. Describe the history of crime in America. When did different criminal groups take over, and how long have they been battling law enforcement? When was the FBI formed?
  6. There are many competing United States inelegance agencies. Why did this happen, what was the rationale behind them, and what was the context with which this happened?
  7. At what point did America see the rise of the modern military industrial complex, and how has this affected politics since then?
  8. What was the effect Thomas Paine had on American History.
  9. Even though Personally George Washington was considered a national hero, many people decried him as a good president. Why was this, and what contributions did he make during his presidency that made America the country it is today?
  10. The Battle of New Orleans was a very important battle that took place after the war of 1812. It is still related to and is a battle of the War of 1812, but it took place several days after the cease fire, before messengers could warn either side to not do battle. What is the significance of this battle?
  11. There were many runaway slaves during the time surrounding and preceding the civil war. What sort of systems were in place to help them?
  12. When did America become a world power, and is it still a superpower today?
  13. What was the biggest cause of Hitler loosing World War 2, besides his misguiding sneak attack on Russia? What about his Relations with the United States?
  14. What were the causes of the Spanish American War?
  15. Describe the causes and outcomes of the Gulf War.

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