Creating Your Own Candy Bar


What a fantastic idea to be able to produce your own candy bar! Wouldn’t it be great to make your candy bar so it was a bit of everything that you like most in a candy bar, something that when you eat it will remind you of some great memories? How do you even start to choose when you would put in that candy bar? Most people have a favourite candy bar, but may also be thinking - what if it had more chocolate? What if it had more nuts or what if I used really dark chocolate with 90% cacao in it instead of the normal milk chocolate it is made from? What If?


You first need to decide what are your favourite ingredients? You may need to check out what is actually in the candy bar that you usually purchase. You may not have heard of some of the ingredients because they are used to stabilize the final product or there may be some ingredients that are used to enhance either colour or taste. It may be time to check out some recipes and decide if you actually like all of the ingredients or combination of ingredients.

You may need to try making some samples. It sounds like you may have some fun trying out some of the recipes. Bear in mind also that some of the recipes call out for some specialist utensils or equipment, such as sugar thermometers and a special weighing scales. You also need to organize your kitchen so as you have enough room to produce your samples. No interruptions would also be good,

At this point you may also need to think about how you would market this product. Are you considering the healthy angle or possibly an indulgent extravagance?

You need also to take into consideration that what you like in a candy bar and what your preferences are, may not be what the majority of people like. But you can have fun trying out the samples you have made on your family and friends. Hopefully their feedback will be honest.

There is also the consideration of production costs and marketing strategy. It may be that your candy bar may be too expensive to produce.

You may have to consider that you have to scale down some of your ideas and possibly end up with a candy bar that is similar to what is already being produced. So you will need to go back to the test kitchen!


Some times when we design something new, it may not be as innovative, and economically viable as we first thought!

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