Mastering Academic Writing: How To Make Essay Introduction Paragraph

When you are trying to master academic writing you need to know how to make an introduction paragraph. The introduction is what gives your reader a map of the essay. The introduction is what prepares the reader for the argument you are going to introduce and the way in which you are going to introduce it. A good essay introduction paragraph will ensure you hook the attention of the reader and keep them interested in your topic. With a boring introduction that lacks any thesis statement the reader won’t see the point in continuing to read your essay. But a solid introduction with a thesis is what will keep them reading.

The introduction needs to frame your argument and work in conjunction with your conclusion. Your introduction should:

  1. Contain your thesis statement. The thesis does not have to come first or last necessarily but it does need to be in the introduction.
  2. Contain any background information the reader needs to know in order to understand your essay topic.
  3. Contain a road map of sorts for what is to be included in your paper.

But of course you need to have a great topic before you can craft a compelling thesis and a thorough introduction. Take some time to brainstorm possible topics and find something you know will make for an interesting and creative thesis. If you are struggling to come up with a topic on your own reading over these sample topics might inspire you. Use these educational based topics as a starting point from which to find a paper topic suitable for your assignment:

  • Should cursive still be taught in schools or is it outdated?
  • Should students around the world be forced to attend an all-year round school rather than having an extended summer vacation? Is this more economical for families?
  • Should parents that home school their kids have to become certified as a teacher?
  • Can children with ADD positively engage with others through the use of video games?
  • Research whether same sex child education is actually effective
  • Write about whether arts and musical education remains important for elementary school children
  • Discuss methods to put a stop to bullying in school
  • Write about whether evolution should be taught with creationism
  • Discuss whether books that have sexist language or racist remarks should be removed from school libraries

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